Hi, I’m Aimee

I am passionate about helping parents connect with their own innate intelligence, instinct, and intuition, to make the right choices and navigate pregnancy and life with their child or children in the most joyful way. 

Are you –

  • Facing the transformation that the birth of a new baby brings?
  • ‘Birthing’ a new part of your life – maybe in a creative project to support your community?
  • A birth-keeper?

My passion is to hold space for you as you reach inside and find the love, courage and wisdom that already exists within you.

I’d love to hear from you and talk about how I can support you.

Work With Me

Support can start at any time, from before conception to any point thereafter.

No one knows you like you know you!  No one else has your body, your unique history, personality or preferences.

No one knows how to navigate the unique set of circumstances and unique dynamics of the personalities in your family better than you.

And no one is better placed to support your baby or child grow into their unique beautiful self than you.


I have been supporting families since 2010. I started my birth work providing informal infant feeding support in my local community and shortly after I trained in holistic massage, working with parents and young children.  

I ran my first group antenatal course in 2011, helping parents understand how physiology was on their side.

In 2012 I trained as a birth and postnatal doula and have since supported hundreds of families making the huge transition from pregnancy, to birth and beyond to the fourth trimester.

I am fascinated by the power of pregnancy and birth.

Birth is a portal of change on cosmic proportions – and yet it’s also so ordinary and everyday.

Through my own experiences of pregnancy and birth, and my work, I understood the power of the mind-body connection.  However, I soon became aware of another part of the puzzle which is the energy-body. 

In 2013, I began extensive study and practice to work with the energy-body as a way to create super transformation for myself and later for my clients.

Life works better when we belong to supportive communities, and I have been running energy-lift meditation groups since 2015, both online and in person, to build networks of healing and change.

I began to design and run training for other doulas in 2017, and in 2019 I became a Developing Doulas facilitator.

My mission is to help my clients feel confident, inspired and connected to the deep love at their centre, so they can create a family life that feels really good for them.

Simple, everyday JOY

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