Birth Energetics

Online birth preparation, antenatal education & doula support. Just BE: give birth in a way that’s right for you. Feel empowered, nourished, and informed.

Birth your way!  Feeling confident and guided by your heart-wisdom!

No one knows you or your baby as much as you do. Giving birth is a transformational process on every level of your being; mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

Birth Energetics covers the same principles of birth preparation that are taught in mainstream hypnobirthing and NCT classes including the mind & body connection, body support, pregnancy yoga & movement with the essential addition of ENERGY LIFT sessions, where we tap into the subconscious mind, intuition, and higher guidance.

Your InnerGuidanceSystem will help you navigate the transformational journey of pregnancy, birth and early parenting, so you can do it your way!  Feeling confident and guided by love.

What are the 3 steps to having the best experience for you and your family?

Education & information

  • The science and the history of birth
  • The science of love and connection and why it’s important for safe pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • What is your InnerGuidanceSystem and how does it help us make decisions that work for us
  • Learn how to optimise your body’s innate ability to give birth safely (biomechanics & hormonal)
  • Learn how to reduce fear to reduce pain
  • Your Rights & Responsibilities – navigating the maternity care system

Connect & nourish practices

  • Breath
  • Movement
  • Sound
  • Food
  • Resource

Plan & prepare – birth preparation assets

  • Birth plans & preferences vision board 
  • Affirmations 
  • Comfort measures birth 
  • Birth Bag or kit list
  • Moon Journal

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you already have a child or children you already know how important your pregnancy birth experience is to starting your new life with this child in the best of health and vitality.

  • This course can be started in your first trimester as soon as you find out you are pregnant and right up to 30 weeks in pregnancy
  • Sessions are held via zoom with me your doula guide
  • You can do this alone or with your birth partner 
  • You will receive additional resources online and through the post

6 months of support £1200 paid in monthly installments

3 months of support £660 paid in monthly installments