50-Day Gayatri Mantra Practice


Join me in journeying to the summer solstice with an online daily mantra practice!

Each morning for 50 days we will start the day with the Gayatri Mantra.  The Gayatri mantra calls on the sacred nature of the sun to help us to heal through our mind, emotions, physical body and spirit.  The sun symbolises the higher levels of consciousness within our being, and so through this mantra we can activate our own inner wisdom and purpose. 

Benefits of daily meditation:

  • improves concentration and mental focus
  • emotional wellbeing is enhanced through the vibration of the sounds of the mantra
  • time to spend on your relationship with self-care, to slow down and listen within each day
  • feel a sense of love in your heart to start your day with a positive intention

Starts: Thursday 2nd May
Location: Online
Finishes: on the summer solstice, Thursday 20th June
Time: 6 am to 6.25 am on weekdays (weekend times may vary)
Contribution: £90
Concession: £55 – available on request for those entitled to benefits, UC and Students

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