Closing the Bones Healing Massage

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The ancient practice of supporting women and birthing people through physical touch in the postnatal period has been practiced by all peoples and in all cultures around the world.

This practice not only supports the woman mentally, emotionally and physically but also spiritually and energetically, to integrate the huge process that giving birth is; in welcoming her baby to the earth, to life, and to the family.  

My Massage Journey

I have studied four forms of massage; the first is within Ayurveda with a teacher called Seema Datta see more here, the second is from the jungle of Ecuador from the Currandera traditions with a teacher called Rocio Alcaron. The third is a holistic massage taught to me in a beauty school in southern Spain which is an itec qualification, and lastly, I have studied massage for pregnancy and birth with Wellmother see more here

In addition, I have studied with Shakti Durga for 10 years, and I work with all my clients using elements of Ignite Your Spirit therapy.find out more here

The primary style of healing that I use for postpartum recovery is Rohipping from my teacher Rocio Alcaron, but of course all the energy and healing modalities I have studied are integrated into the way i practice and inform how I work.

Ro-hipping Massage  

The massage takes place lying on a mat on the floor, and mainly involves physical touch to the belly, including up to the ribs and down to the pubic area. We can also offer touch and holding to other parts of your body; feet, legs, arms, head, shoulders etc. but the main focus is on the belly.  

The energy centers located in the womb and belly need support to integrate the huge energetic shift of pregnancy and birth. All the internal organs need support to come back into their pre-pregnancy position and the bones of the pelvis need support to ‘close’ after birth.

The ceremony works on all levels to do this;  

Physically to bring blood, carrying oxygen and nuttients, to the lymph, the fascia, and the organs themselves; The womb, bladder, intestine, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen.

Energetically to help move any stuck emotion from the birth and help the mama to integrate her experience. Emotional energy can be released gently where needed.

The first and last part of the process is for the hips (and other parts of the body) to be rocked in a cloth. The abdomen is massaged, we use our hands and we use oil.  We also use a cloth called a Manta or Rebozo.  

My teacher for this practice is from Equador and she trains us to use this Manta or Rebozo to help with the processing of the birth experience. It’s a sacred, indigenous object and I am deeply grateful to be able to share its amazing use.  This is her website: See more here

The last part of the process involves being rocked in the cloth, and then gently held in several cloths around your body. This is a peaceful experience for clients and a chance to allow energies to settle. I will sit with the client and support her energetically, as she rests.

Its ideal if someone else can care for the baby during the ceremony, but its possible to have a baby in the room, if necessary. The whole session lasts for two hours including time for check in at the beginning and rest and drinking a tea or cocoa together at the end.

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