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Love, Connection and transformation are the gifts of the pregnancy & birth journey!

A doula is a loving guide through the transformation to parenthood. Lighting the way and holding the new mother’s hand as she walks her unique path.

As well as providing practical, educational and emotional support, I will help you explore the changing inner-landscape with energy-lift meditations. Birth is a physiological event that sometimes requires medical support. Energy-lift meditation can help you;

  • Let go of fear 
  • Relax – knowing I will listen to and respect you and your whole family
  • Feel honoured as I hold the space for you during pregnancy and labour
  • Feel confident being able to make informed decisions and knowing I will respect and support you with these

Having a doula doesn’t guarantee a certain type of birth outcome, but what I can offer you is continuous care throughout the process. The research shows that not only does continuous care actually improve outcomes for mamas and babies, importantly, it improves the maternal experience of birth too!

In-person doula support

I have been supporting births since 2012 in all settings; labour wards, birth centers, home births and free births. I am passionate about supporting women and birthing people to have the birth that is right for them, whether that is an elective c section, a birth in the woods, or something in between. 

I will make sure you have access to good quality information to help you navigate the health care system with ease and give you the tools to help you tap into your intuition and inner guidance system to make the right decisions for you! 

Having the space to be really held and deeply listened to, so you are able to process the huge changes of pregnancy, labour, birth and the 4th trimester, helps you to feel confident, and connect to the deep wisdom you have within.

What’s included:


minimum of 2 ante natal sessions in your home plus online energy-lift & Birth Prep education.

Bespoke recordings to use between sessions for relaxation, clear fear that is holding you back, and connecting to peace and confidence.

Getting to know each other is the foundation for birth support. We will explore:

  • Birth physiology and how to create the best internal and external environment to optimise the birth process for you
  • Practical comfort measures; massage, breathing, meditation for you and your partner (so your birth partner and your doula make the best team of support on the day)
  • Your Birth-Rights so you understand what individualised care is and can advocate for yourself and your birth decisions
  • Energy-lift healing sessions to release fears and transform your experience
  • De-briefing any previous births and or experiences that may be impacting you
  • Understanding breast feeding, post-natal recovery and healing, and normal infant sleep so you can really enjoy your time as a new family.
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antenatal session

The birth

  • On-Call from 10 days before your estimated due date until your baby is born
  • In person support during your time in labour and for birth in whichever setting you have chosen.


  • minimum 2 visits to your home after the baby is born
  • A debrief of the birth and to see how baby is feeding 
  • Ensure you are ‘landing’ well supported with your new baby
  • Post-natal healing massage

Price bespoke

Please enquire – Payment plans are available for those in need

In Person Post Natal Doula Support

During the 4th trimester (the first 8 to 12 weeks after baby is born) women need time to recover from their birth and pregnancy physically, mentally and emotionally.  

They also need time to learn how to feed and nurture and take care of their new baby, physically, mentally and emotionally.  It’s a huge time of change where every day is different.  A postnatal doula offers care and support in the 4th trimester.  This can include the following:

  • Bodywork and massage – massage to help release tension in the body can be incorporated into sessions with your doulas – nurturing touch is a vital part of care for new mummas – even 15 minutes can be beneficial 
  • Emotional support and listening – helping guide you to connect with your baby and your mama intuition. Knowing what is ‘normal’ for newborn babies and newborn mamas can help alleviate your worries
  • Energy work to release any stress or fear in body & mind. New motherhood can be a time of anxiety and emotional overwhelm, using breath and visualisation can help you feel grounded and calm in a short time
  • Feeding support for your baby – getting into the swing of the dance of feeding your baby takes time and practice and mothers who have continuity of care and support with feeding meet their goals more often than those who lack this support
  • Cooking (ayurvedic inspired soups/broths/stews) – nurturing your body supports your recovery and your ability to care for your baby
  • Practical support – helping you to have a nap/shower/go for a walk/load- unload dishwasher/washing machine – this means you can spend time connecting and bonding with the baby, resting and recovering

I recommend post partum “hipping” sometimes known as closing the bones, at least once during your 4th trimester. Hipping or closing the bones is an ancient tradition to support a woman postpartum in her body to heal and recover and also to support her emotionally and mentally with the transition into motherhood.  I have learnt this valuable technique primarily from our teacher Rocio Alcaron who shares her wisdom from the Amazon and Equador. 

Extra sessions can be added for an additional fee – including pregnancy & postnatal massage, breastfeeding support, and post-natal cooking.

Packages start at £650 plus travel

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