Parent Energetics

A 6 Month programme to help you become the best parent you can be and give your child the best chance to thrive

Being a parent is such deep work!

No one has the power to ‘teach us’ like our children.  Its the only relationship we just cant walk away from and so we ‘have to’ surrender to the challenges and the learning that come up on the way.  There is no hiding.  But there is also such deep gifts when we commit to the inner work that is necessary to parent.

Our kids really can trigger us big time!  But these triggers can be the key to unlocking any deeper pain that is most likely not connected to our present but more likely to be connected to our past.

My clients really want to parent from a place of conscious compassion. Our thinking about child development and how young brains grow and develop has changed since the 80’s and 90’s. 

We want to give our children the best chance we can by bringing them up with as much love and safety as possible. However, with so much global and social uncertainty, resourcing ourselves with love and safety is essential in our ability to support them. 

There is no handbook to parenting, and every child is different.  The best tool you can have for the job is your own unique InnerGuidanceSystem. 

When can I start?

During this 6 Month programme, we will really dive deep to support you to:

  • HEAL – the past experiences that lead to fear based reactions in the present 
  • TEND – take care of you!  Nourish yourself mind, body and energy
  • LISTEN – we need to listen to our children but we can only really do that when we are listening to ourselves
Nourish Retreat Image