Mentoring programme for doulas & other birthworkers

Birth the Change You Wish to See in the World

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Return to Power

Nourish Yourself

Connect to Wisdom

The beingness of birth-work is more important than the doing.

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The impact your words and actions have, come from the quality of the energy you are holding.

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Sacred Birth is for people who want to:

  • Bring more SOUL energy into their work and the changes you wish to see in the birth-world
  • Integrate daily self-care and nourishing energy practices into their daily rhythm
  • Know that how we hold our energy is our most precious gift to our clients, our families, and our communities
  • Uplift birth culture and do the transpersonal healing work that it is going to take for the system to change
  • Find stillness within when life can be unpredictable
  • Explore the mystery of birth at a deeper level

Clear the blocks that are causing life and work to feel like a struggle.

  • lack mindset & money blocks
  • imposter syndrome feeling not good enough
  • comparison with others
  • finding your authentic voice
  • ability to set healthy boundaries
  • compassion fatigue and over-giving

Birth is a powerful portal for deep transformation. Those of us who are called to support pregnant women and people, birth, and the postnatal period know deep in our bones that the seeds for positive social changes is at the heart of our work. The powerful love and connection between mother (or birth parent) and infant, and the family they are part of is the building block for emotional and physical wellbeing, that ripples out into our communities and the world.

If you are working in this space, with these clients, as a yoga teacher, doula, midwife, ante natal teacher, or any kind of birth professional you know you need to nurture yourself. How can you BE the loving grounded space holder to server your clients if you don’t?

Birth the birth world you wish to see.

Who is sacred birth for?

Doulas, midwives, pregnancy yoga teachers, hypnobirthing teachers, IBCLCs, holistic sleep consultants, baby weaning consultants … anyone who has clients who are in the perinatal period.    

Where and when is it?

Sacred Birth takes palace annually and runs from November to the following March and takes place on zoom

Winter is one of the best times for looking inward, to reflect, to go into the ‘cave’. It’s a time of renewal, rest and inward focus before the spring cycle of growth begins. It is our most naturally introverted time. From this space of rest we will sow new seeds for our birthwork practice as Spring comes.

Receive nurturing strength as we build a community of sacred birth workers through the changing of the season.

As we journey into the Winter Cave together we connect with our vision, releasing old stories and patterns, building a thriving business for the year to come.

The Course Format

  • One group session a week online for two hours. This includes group discussion, reflection and Energy-Lift healing meditation.
  • three integration weeks
  • Short videos and reading each week
  • Weekly journal – ‘home-play’ and the aim is to be light, gentle and supportive
  • Daily recording meditation practice to incorporate into your daily rhythm and routine
  • 40 day sadhana or spiritual practice to really ground your practice
  • Recordings for use after the course will be shared for energy practices.
  • Two 1-2-1 sessions with me (Aimee Sri Laxmi) to support your personal transformation. 

Themes & Dates

The course starts on the 14th of November and runs for 19 weeks. The 2 hourly sessions are held weekly, dates and times will be confirmed prior to the course start date, alongside guest speaker sessions. We will meet online, via zoom. All login details will be confirmed upon registration.

How much does it cost?

Early Bird Offer

£880 – before the 31st of September 2023.

Full Price

£1080 – Booked before31st of September 2023. Paid in up to 4 monthly instalments (in September, October, November & December).

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