Energy-Lift Sessions. 

Healing is not because we are ‘broken’; however living this human experience we have challenges that are better supported through, with the right care, and tending-to, the hardest things in life can give us the greatest gifts.  

My passion is to help clients, particularly parents at any point on their journey (pre-conception to adult children) heal from the past experiences of their own births, or family dynamics that are playing out in current life experiences.  

However even if you aren’t a parent yourself, you may wish to be supported in how your early life experiences are impacting your creative expression, your relationships with others, your mental and emotional wellbeing.  We are all born.  We all have formative experiences, which create our conditioning, and we have a culture that we are raised in.  Sometimes these create limitations on our capacity to access joy and fulfillment, and my job is to support you to connect deeply to part of you that is already whole, healed and connected to inner joy, so you can use that energy to transform your life from the inside out.

  • Healings are 75 mins 
  • Cost £90 per session 
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