Meditation & Energy-Lift healing is one of the best ways for us to connect with ourselves at the most essential level.

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Energy lift sessions

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Community Meditation in person

I am passionate about creating intentional communities of people who care about being the change they wish to see in the world.  Doing the ‘inner work’ so we can transform our homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces adn communities.

We heal best in community, because we are essential very social primates, and our well-being is intrinsically connected to each others well-being.  

Calling all artists, creatives, visionaries and careers!

Are you passionate about making a difference in your family, community or the world?

And you sometimes feel it’s an insurmountable load with all our personal struggles plus the big social and global struggles?

Come and join our community of energy-lift meditators, we meet once a month and support each other to transform on the inside so we can bring our best selves to all we do and be!

Next Community Event will be available soon.

Morning mantra & meditation

Online over 40 days (winter, spring & summer)

Start your day with an amazing uplifting and transformative practice that opens you to more heart energy, uplifts your spirit and opens your mind!

Each 40 day practice we will connect with a specific mantra, the sound vibration of the mantra helps us to align with the qualities or essence of the sound.  Winter we connect with wisdom, creativity and learning, spring with courage and empowerment and summer with love, gratitude and beauty!

Each session is 25 mins each morning with energylift meditation, mindful body connect and mantra chanting.  Each day is unique and the group will bring together exactly the right medicine for each person and the whole group!

Meditation for wellbeing

5 week online course offered twice a year March spring & September Autumn

This course is amazing for both beginners to meditation or experienced meditators who would like to experience the power of group practice.

Having a regular practice of connecting with yourself, time to release stress, and tension that is held in your body and energy field is vital in this time of global uncertainty.  Time for nourishing practices that help you feel good, connect to the peace that already exists within you.  Time to breath and heal your nervous system so that you can respond rather than react to life.

When we gather in community to support each other, meditate and heal we are powerful!  The ripples are felt in our homes, families, workplace and wider community.  

The next course is in September

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