Morning Mantra & Meditation – October 2023


40 Day Online Practice

Location: Online

Date: 13 October – 21 November

Times: 6.30am to 7am (Weekend times may vary)

Concessions: available on request for those entitled to benefits, UC and Students

No longer available



Start your day with an amazing uplifting and transformative practice that opens you up to more heart energy, raises your spirit and opens your mind!  

During each 40 day practice, we will connect with a specific mantra to goddess Saraswati.  The sounds are Om Aim Saraswati Namaha – this can be translated as ‘I bow to or honour the vast sacred evolving Wisdom of the universe and I awaken this wisdom within me’

The sound vibration of the mantra helps us to align with the qualities or essence of the sounds in sanskrit. 

Saraswati is the goddess of learning, the arts, wisdom, music and creativity.  Her energy helps us lift our consciousness, open into our intuition and our innate wisdom.  She helps us tune into the collective transpersonal wisdom that is shared in music and art, for inspiration and illumination.
Durga is the goddess of fearless courage and blazing, unconditional love.  She helps us to be empowered in our lives, to ‘feel the fear’, and lovingly ‘do it anyway’. She shows us how to open our hearts and love the parts of ourselves and others that we normally judge and banish. It is through this love that we find our way forward, and create solutions in our lives.

For me, mantra is one of the easiest ways to lift my vibration, gain clarity and become open to the peace within my heart.  You can read a bit more about my journey with the practice of chanting, in my first blog, where I share a little bit about my experiences with using sacred sound in both western and eastern traditions.

We meet each morning, via Zoom, for 25 minutes. Our daily practice includes energylift meditation, mindful body connection and mantra chanting.  

Each day is unique and the participants will bring together exactly the right medicine for each person and the whole group!

Recordings will be provided.


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